We have a 50+ years highly specialized expertise in the sale and rent of residential and commercial properties in the real estate market, seriously focusing on the property with the possibility to avail ourselves of external technicians, accountants, lawyers or notaries.

Property, residential or commercial, is valued referring to the real estate market and client’s need, then an integrated communication campaign is prepared and assistance in all the phases that lead to the deed is guaranteed.

Property, residential or commercial, is analyzed to fix the proper lease rent and communication tools are chosen. Special and serious attention is dedicated to the search of a solid tenant, assistance and technical consultancy is provided in the drafting of the contract and for the first administrative fulfilments.

Coverage of the Italian & International Territory
In order to efficiently respond to a global market we relate with long term relations professionals based in the most prestigious location in Italy and worldwide.

Real Estate Management
Real Estate Management requires professionalism, competence and dynamism. Our dedicated team responds to management needs of both small flats or entire buildings. Service, for Milan only, includes handling of payments, contract fulfilment such as cost of living adjustments, administrative and fiscal tasks, condominium charges and finally property management with on demand services of maintenance, cleaning or certificates.
Our valuations and consultancies in Milan and in the most renown spots in Italy or worldwide, whether are focused on the sale, the rent or motivated by personal circumstances, are strongly oriented to the real estate market and bore with endorsed and serious explanations.

Condominium Management
A highly endorsed dedicated team secures on a daily basis (Mon-Fri 9-18), through a cutting edge customised software, the routine and extraordinary upkeep of your condominium in Milan with professionalism, competence and gracefulness.

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