I did not think that looking at my city from above would have excited me so much. All in front of me, all the houses, the streets, the green that I know so well. Not a tourist abroad, this is my home and it is the first time I look at it everywhere, I see it without limits, endless, moving, pulsating, living. I took an exclusive walk to the 50th floor of the Isozaki Tower, that skyscraper that until today I still could not make mine, until today Andrea Maffei, architect with Isozaki, explained it to me from the heart, so that I saw him to be the heart of this also. But it is an incredible engineering project, arriving to the immensity of the construction site is already surprising, an anthill enlivened daily by 400 workers, and below it that feeling of being like small children. But did you know that it is a tribute to futurism, with rounded windows that create movement and nuances that are always different on the 6-story modules that overlap? What was inspired by the Pirò by Gió Ponti in its clean standing for 202 meters? The gilded buttresses at the base, in homage to ancient art, stabilise the building from the wind, tested at the Polytechnic’s Wind Tunnel, and have been transformed into impressive architecture with a pose that seems to belong in Cape Canaveral . Soon she will not be alone anymore, the other two towers of Hadid and Libeskind will arrive … But tonight there was only her to mark the heart of this change. We hope that Allianz will leave everyone the chance to give this hug to Milan, I do not know … I went down exhilarated and full of enthusiasm. Anything seems possible up there!!




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