The Francesco Messina Museum is a small unmissable pearl in the heart of the city. A place of enchantment that is the right happy ending for a fairy tale that sees, on the one hand, an artist willing to leave the city of Milan 80 precious works in exchange for a small studio and, on the other, the delightful little church of San Sisto harshly tested by war conflicts and destined to be demolished. The meeting was love at first sight, Francesco Messina chose this delightful little church as his studio, thus giving way to the restructuring that, preserving the Baroque facade and rebuilding the destroyed apse with the small delightful garden that surrounds it, led to the recovery of the crypt, visible now already from the entrance, in a game of floor-plans still modern today. The entrance to the museum is undoubtedly dominated by the large window of the apse that filters the light, still with that mystical effect from the church, which contrasts but really does not clash with all those sculpted bodies, from the physicality exhibited. It’s all there, on sight, the ride, however, free, lasts the time even just a lunch break aimed at savouring the history of this special Sicilian who lived almost a century, appreciated in life and generous.

It is funny that Francesco Messina is remembered above all for the famous “Cavallo Morente” in bronze, symbol of Rai. In fact, in his works the impulse of life is really strong. Entering the museum, part of the perimeter is full of small sculptures of bronze horses, strong and vigorous. They are there, all black and in line and seem almost a frame ready to shoot. Then there are the dancers, beautiful and plastic sculptures of classical physicality next to busts of danseuses also famous or painted everywhere, even using cork sheets. My favourite work, however, is down in the crypt, hidden at the bottom of a wall on the left. It sits there lonely, it does not belong to any series … a nude from the back of a woman with gathered hair, sketched in pencil, you can not even see the face but it left me with something inside.



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