For Sale Via Muratori, apartment

Apartment for sale BARE OWNERSHIP Milano via Muratori

The sale of the BARE OWNERSHIP of this delightful 190sqm apartment is a unique opportunity to buy a property in one of the liveliest and busiest neighborhoods of the city, full of shops and restaurants. The apartment is located on the third floor of a very elegant condominium designed by Studio Passarelli and Chiodi, immersed in a lush condominium garden with a separate children’s play area, with concierge all day. The entrance opens onto the large living room full of light, really wide, almost as far as the eye can see, with the fireplace at the back, the scenic dining area and a nice livable balcony. Next to it there is the habitable kitchen, with a comfortable balcony and its second independent entrance, which remains separate and functional to the room. Service bathroom. A corridor disengages the rest of the house which winds through three bedrooms, a large master bedroom and two smaller one served by two bathrooms, one with a bathtub and one with a shower. Complete a comfortable large closet plus two other storage rooms in the ceilings. Large dry cellar. Double elevators. The house is in good internal condition, with very accurate details and is set in a private context, rich in green areas, characteristic for its bourgeois and elegant tranquility. MM3 Porta Romana at 500mt. Bus 62 within walking distance.
Classe: G – Ipe 199,18.

€ 800.000
€ 4.500,00 condo expenses

The choice of this property contributes to support the mission of Theodora onlus

What does it mean to buy the bare ownership?
It means buying a property today but have no right to live there as long as the tenant (the one from which the bare ownership is acquired and who inhabits the apartment) is alive. The bare ownership is the value of the property minus the value of the usufruct.

What advantage in acquiring the bare ownership?
The main benefit is to purchase a property at current prices with a substantial discount determined by applying a coefficient that is based on the age of the Dweller (tenant). The youngest the tenant is, the greater the lowering and therefore the coefficient of discount applied. Meanwhile the usufructuary is alive, the bare owner can count on the fact that the value of the house increases following the market value and, in the case of resale of the bare ownership, it is reevaluated thanks to the advancement of the tenant’s age, which will see it applied a lower discount.

How to calculate the selling price?
We proceed to a market valuation of the apartment done by a professional to which is applied a coefficient taken from a table that is drawn up periodically by the Ministry of Finance and is based on statistics about life expectancy in Italy and on the interest rate law.

Who pays the Imu (Combined Municipal Property Tax)?
The holder of the single bare ownership has no tax liability. All taxes, in fact, are the responsibility of those who have real rights, namely the usufructuary. So also the IMU is due by the usufructuary and not by the bare owner. Generally the cost of normal maintenance of the property shall be borne by the usufructuary (custody, administration, general maintenance). The usufructuary is required to maintain the property in good condition, not damaging it or modify it without the knowledge of the legal owner. Extraordinary expenses are charged to the bare owner.

When are you buying full ownership?
When the tenant will no longer be alive, the bare ownership joins in full ownership and property comes fully available to the bare owner.

  • Concierge Service: Full Day
  • Condition: Good
  • Furniture: Not Furnished
  • Features: Lift, Utility Room, Wood Flooring, Balcony
  • Heating: Central Heating
  • Garden: Communal
  • Close To: Subway, Taxis, Bus Stop, City Centre, Supermarket, Shops, Schools
  • Setting: City Centre

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