Feel like some pizza but not sure where to get it? Problem solved with the “pizzine”, for 10€ you get two pizzas (not so much “ine” moreover) of your choice from the large list and no cutlery save the classic wheel cutter. Moral of the story, a dinner can become a fun exchange of continuous tastings … Pizza sharing is born like that, the atmosphere is informal but contemporary with fun and modern graphics. The most beautiful surprise? The quality! The flour used is of the best quality “Della Giovanna” integral, has not undergone artificial bleaching and is integrated with wheat germ, kneaded and left to rise for 24 hours in a special internal meditation room. The tomato is a real San Marzano and the mozzarella is a Campanian milk flower that releases little water during cooking. The result is a pizza with soft edges and a crispy base that is a delicacy .. Bando also at the trash pizza wurstel and chips, here we find only pizzas with real and healthy ingredients, traditional combinations or with a twist made in Italy. If you have creativity or want to be on the safe side, you can then build your normal sized pizza with the ingredients you want. And if you’re lazy? Nothing could be easier, you can order and arrive or you can pick it up. The only flaw is only two desserts of your choice … But maybe you could build your own sweet pizza!

Briscola – Pizza Society, Via Fogazzaro 9 – MM3 Porta Romana – 025455496 – briscolapizza.it


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