There is an innate grace in Monica G and once you know it you would like to steal it; She wears it, smells it, it shines and moves with her. She chose the right trade, fashion & jewel designer by chance, indeed by nature, by intuition. And of course she only draws what you dream of and can not find anywhere. That taste easy chic, a little retro, that cut that enhances, that piece that gives just that touch there, whispered pieces, never ostentatious, special that recognise in its sunny and Milanese chic character, contaminated by a curious and ready to let go traveler’s life. In this moment the beautiful Trilly in pink gold fly, they rest on rings where semi-hard stones shine in essential and faint frames or on the beautiful pendants so chic in their romantic simplicity, a starlet with a small shining here, a thin chain that becomes a heart there. And much more, much more in the charming boutique open in a hidden corner of Milan, where you go for her and for her delicious creations, but above all incredibly possible.

Monica G

Via Brisa 15, Milano

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