It will be for that Parisian bistrot, those battered walls that can only smell good, for the iron furnishings and the small tables where you can not stand close … but instead of being intellectually chic and a bit ‘crudely sulky’ to me these guys from Marotin were immediately were super nice, with that heat from the neighbourhood bar of those who do their job with joy, enthusiasm and passion. It’s all good, very good! At breakfast or for a morning snack, it is the realm of sweets and pastry croissants made by them, delicious cakes presented on altars as if they were jewels …. a show to taste with the scent of fresh coffee surrounded by glass jars of homemade cookies. But also at lunchtime you will not be disappointed, compose your beautiful porcelain plate with homemade pies, fish, well-cooked meat and a riot of stuffy vegetables. We will try to resist but a slice of cake at the end, you will not manage to not eat it, divide it, or take it away.

Via Archimede, 59 – angolo Via Mameli
20129 Milano

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