Light Shop is the new shop with colourful and creative interiors that, although hyper-modern, absolutely preserves that feeling of being welcomed and guided through quality purchases that are made with the heart, even before the throat. There is a beautiful dream that we can all be part of: packaging is banned and everything is so, on sight, just like once, where you can watch, ask and have a taste or even more.

The absence of packaging avoids waste, and above all leaves room for nice savings on many products and brings forth the quality of carefully selected small producers, that does not need to be embellished with attractive packaging. Daniela, landlady, knows every product, caresses it with her eyes, knows where it comes from. Waiting behind every glass container is the story of those who work with passion, just like the old shopkeepers. Finally I see a concrete, sustainable project.

Incredible variety, I peek everywhere inside the many glass containers and I feel like when, as a child, I came from the Viale Montenero candy store that had a bowl with toffee. The candy here, however, are beautiful, made with artisanal methods, cold cast, very good. But there are also a thousand other possibilities, from crispy muesli, to selected coffees or artisanal breakfast teas, pastas and rice to spices, dried fruit and flours. There is no lack of household products, detergents that, for hygienic reasons, are stored in a vacuum (very strong crush on top!) And the brushes, with their changeable heads. Also scents for environments with lots of wooden sticks that have their own scent, which you can put, why not, in your favourite home container.

I yield and order my booty: artisanal preparation of risotto with pink and porcini mushrooms, strawberry and lemon risotto, pecans that I have  so much use for and finally, a few steps from the box, while I watch enchanted as bags with the scotch are prepared, with contents patiently written in pencil on them (so much nostalgia …), in front of my eyes materialises homemade bread and fresh organic eggs. I immediately take my yellow pumpkin bread, with raisins and sunflower seeds, the homemade one with the Taggiasca olives maybe next time. He explains to me that it is made in a special oven and with the mother yeast, it will last days (yes, but I will soon discover not at my house). I walk out full of packages, bags, and I promise next time I will come on Saturday to enjoy all containers in peace. Maybe I go on a bike, instead of a scooter, and with a straw basket. Oh well I know bike and basket it may not be, but today I feel happy.

Negozio Leggero – la spesa alla spina

Via Anfossi 13 – Tel. 02.99205762
Mar-Sab 10:00-14:00 / 16:00-20:00
Sab 9:00-20:00

Negozio Negozio Negozio Negozio  Negozio Negozio Negozio

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