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Capra e Cavoli, fairy food in an interior garden on the Island

When I entered Capra e Cavoli I had the airy feeling of being outdoors, the festive feeling of being on vacation and the cozy feeling of being at home. Here relaxation is a serious matter! And if you are relaxed you are ready to taste, savor and make your own a wise and healthy combination of truly unique, delicious and balanced dishes. Barbara Clementina Ferrario is the soul and the chef, you see her spinning around the tables with confidence and joy, as a landlady would do. When you enter the large apartment you are enveloped in a fairy atmosphere and country chic created by plants, tables in raw wood, chairs covered with different floral and square fabrics, umbrellas open with lights hanging … almost always summer, as if it were always a party here. The choice is endless because you can go for lunch, come to dinner or for an aperitif, enjoy a long and rich brunch or bring everything home. Continue reading

Pizza sharing da Briscola, Pizza Society

Feel like some pizza but not sure where to get it? Problem solved with the “pizzine”, for 10€ you get two pizzas (not so much “ine” moreover) of your choice from the large list and no cutlery save the classic wheel cutter. Moral of the story, a dinner can become a fun exchange of continuous tastings … Pizza sharing is born like that, the atmosphere is informal but contemporary with fun and modern graphics. The most beautiful surprise? The quality! The flour used is of the best quality “Della Giovanna” integral, has not undergone artificial bleaching and is integrated with wheat germ, kneaded and left to rise for 24 hours in a special internal meditation room. The tomato is a real San Marzano and the mozzarella is a Campanian milk flower that releases little water during cooking. The result is a pizza with soft edges and a crispy base that is a delicacy .. Bando also at the trash pizza wurstel and chips, here we find only pizzas with real and healthy ingredients, traditional combinations or with a twist made in Italy. If you have creativity or want to be on the safe side, you can then build your normal sized pizza with the ingredients you want. And if you’re lazy? Nothing could be easier, you can order and arrive or you can pick it up. The only flaw is only two desserts of your choice … But maybe you could build your own sweet pizza!

Briscola – Pizza Society, Via Fogazzaro 9 – MM3 Porta Romana – 025455496 –


Milanesando all’insù, the “Corti di Milano”

The photos of Valerio Zanicotti have just arrived, and I like them so much. Because it is true that we Milanesi have not been accustomed to turning upside down, not recently thanks to the new skyscrapers, but in Milan the courtyards have incredible stories to tell and even the sky, beautiful and never banal is a story in itself. And then those windows ‘a bit open, a little closed’, ‘a little chic, a little gassed’ leave room for the imagination, you can almost hear the clamor, the scents of cooking … life! The “Corti di Milano” project can be viewed at!le-corti-di-milano/c1cur. Bravissimo @valerio_zanicotti!

courtesy of Valerio Zanicotti

courtesy of Valerio Zanicotti

courtesy of Valerio Zanicotti

courtesy of Valerio Zanicotti

courtesy of Valerio Zanicotti

courtesy of Valerio Zanicotti

Appointment with the farmer

Stew of super plastic vegetable? Tired of seeing that the apple comes from China? I discovered Kalulu. Choose the products that interest you, made only by small local producers, available in the area of Milan that is most convenient: Kalulu tells you the offers closest to you, a true Km0, organic and biodynamic. At this point you just have to wait for the day of delivery, go to the agreed place and collect the goods directly from the hands of the manufacturer. And so today, on time at 11.15 as promised, he was there with his van. I picked up my box of fresh and fragrant organic fruit and vegetables and an organic nut in a jar that is crazy. The 8kg box cost € 20.00 and was full of very good things. It’s true there are those who deliver to your home but they force you to subscribe, while with Kalulu you are the one who decides from time to time if the offers you need are there or not.



That skyscraper has a heart

I did not think that looking at my city from above would have excited me so much. All in front of me, all the houses, the streets, the green that I know so well. Not a tourist abroad, this is my home and it is the first time I look at it everywhere, I see it without limits, endless, moving, pulsating, living. I took an exclusive walk to the 50th floor of the Isozaki Tower, that skyscraper that until today I still could not make mine, until today Andrea Maffei, architect with Isozaki, explained it to me from the heart, so that I saw him to be the heart of this also. But it is an incredible engineering project, arriving to the immensity of the construction site is already surprising, an anthill enlivened daily by 400 workers, and below it that feeling of being like small children. But did you know that it is a tribute to futurism, with rounded windows that create movement and nuances that are always different on the 6-story modules that overlap? What was inspired by the Pirò by Gió Ponti in its clean standing for 202 meters? The gilded buttresses at the base, in homage to ancient art, stabilise the building from the wind, tested at the Polytechnic’s Wind Tunnel, and have been transformed into impressive architecture with a pose that seems to belong in Cape Canaveral . Soon she will not be alone anymore, the other two towers of Hadid and Libeskind will arrive … But tonight there was only her to mark the heart of this change. We hope that Allianz will leave everyone the chance to give this hug to Milan, I do not know … I went down exhilarated and full of enthusiasm. Anything seems possible up there!!




Study Museum Francesco Messina, the atelier in the church

The Francesco Messina Museum is a small unmissable pearl in the heart of the city. A place of enchantment that is the right happy ending for a fairy tale that sees, on the one hand, an artist willing to leave the city of Milan 80 precious works in exchange for a small studio and, on the other, the delightful little church of San Sisto harshly tested by war conflicts and destined to be demolished. The meeting was love at first sight, Francesco Messina chose this delightful little church as his studio, thus giving way to the restructuring that, preserving the Baroque facade and rebuilding the destroyed apse with the small delightful garden that surrounds it, led to the recovery of the crypt, visible now already from the entrance, in a game of floor-plans still modern today. The entrance to the museum is undoubtedly dominated by the large window of the apse that filters the light, still with that mystical effect from the church, which contrasts but really does not clash with all those sculpted bodies, from the physicality exhibited. It’s all there, on sight, the ride, however, free, lasts the time even just a lunch break aimed at savouring the history of this special Sicilian who lived almost a century, appreciated in life and generous.

It is funny that Francesco Messina is remembered above all for the famous “Cavallo Morente” in bronze, symbol of Rai. In fact, in his works the impulse of life is really strong. Entering the museum, part of the perimeter is full of small sculptures of bronze horses, strong and vigorous. They are there, all black and in line and seem almost a frame ready to shoot. Then there are the dancers, beautiful and plastic sculptures of classical physicality next to busts of danseuses also famous or painted everywhere, even using cork sheets. My favourite work, however, is down in the crypt, hidden at the bottom of a wall on the left. It sits there lonely, it does not belong to any series … a nude from the back of a woman with gathered hair, sketched in pencil, you can not even see the face but it left me with something inside.



Tel. 0286453005

Aperto al pubblico con la collaborazione dei Volontari del Touring Club Italiano:

da martedì a venerdì dalle 10 alle 14

sabato dalle 14 alle 18

Studio Museo Francesco Studio Museo Francesco Studio Museo Francesco Studio Museo Francesco Messina

Light Shop, shopping on tap – a nostalgic dip in the shop of the future

Light Shop is the new shop with colourful and creative interiors that, although hyper-modern, absolutely preserves that feeling of being welcomed and guided through quality purchases that are made with the heart, even before the throat. There is a beautiful dream that we can all be part of: packaging is banned and everything is so, on sight, just like once, where you can watch, ask and have a taste or even more.

The absence of packaging avoids waste, and above all leaves room for nice savings on many products and brings forth the quality of carefully selected small producers, that does not need to be embellished with attractive packaging. Daniela, landlady, knows every product, caresses it with her eyes, knows where it comes from. Waiting behind every glass container is the story of those who work with passion, just like the old shopkeepers. Finally I see a concrete, sustainable project.

Incredible variety, I peek everywhere inside the many glass containers and I feel like when, as a child, I came from the Viale Montenero candy store that had a bowl with toffee. The candy here, however, are beautiful, made with artisanal methods, cold cast, very good. But there are also a thousand other possibilities, from crispy muesli, to selected coffees or artisanal breakfast teas, pastas and rice to spices, dried fruit and flours. There is no lack of household products, detergents that, for hygienic reasons, are stored in a vacuum (very strong crush on top!) And the brushes, with their changeable heads. Also scents for environments with lots of wooden sticks that have their own scent, which you can put, why not, in your favourite home container.

I yield and order my booty: artisanal preparation of risotto with pink and porcini mushrooms, strawberry and lemon risotto, pecans that I have  so much use for and finally, a few steps from the box, while I watch enchanted as bags with the scotch are prepared, with contents patiently written in pencil on them (so much nostalgia …), in front of my eyes materialises homemade bread and fresh organic eggs. I immediately take my yellow pumpkin bread, with raisins and sunflower seeds, the homemade one with the Taggiasca olives maybe next time. He explains to me that it is made in a special oven and with the mother yeast, it will last days (yes, but I will soon discover not at my house). I walk out full of packages, bags, and I promise next time I will come on Saturday to enjoy all containers in peace. Maybe I go on a bike, instead of a scooter, and with a straw basket. Oh well I know bike and basket it may not be, but today I feel happy.

Negozio Leggero – la spesa alla spina

Via Anfossi 13 – Tel. 02.99205762
Mar-Sab 10:00-14:00 / 16:00-20:00
Sab 9:00-20:00

Negozio Negozio Negozio Negozio  Negozio Negozio Negozio

A late summer evening that smells like a lawn twenty minutes from home

Imagine a gloomy weekend in Milan on a dusty Sunday evening that still smells like summer. Belly decision, we go out!, but away, out in the green (typically Milanese expression …) and while the city moves away, guided by the navigator (typical Milanese object in the green), here is an unexpected surprise material: Cascina Selva in Ozzano . I do not know if it was just the sunset and the good smell of the countryside but the view was magical. Meadows everywhere, smells that knew of real things, of figs, of rosemary, of hay. The farmhouse was illuminated and the warmth of the evening made it possible to look around sitting in the gravel-covered yard with flower pots and wistful leaves, with chairs protected by a large fig, the inevitable five-a-side football and running dogs chasing a football match, improvised among children of all ages (including ours). We had dinner with a cheerful face inside the renovated old barn, with the beams, the old stove, the tools hung next to the old photos on the exposed bricks. The environment is obvious, the Nobu addicted abstain, but the menu was a delight, with delicacies at Km 0 (which means: I will not move from here anymore) that had real flavours, tidy and attentive presentations but above all they were served with a broad smile, with that abundance ready even for an encore. Fried dumplings with salami of all cuts, cheeses made for them with green tomato jam and hay, perfect risotto with local herbs and cheese, roast mushrooms with tiny new potatoes to eat with their peel and finally a riot of chocolate cake cakes, almond and pear cake, mini apple strudel, all fruit grown there (and blessed here). And finally home-made liqueurs, the chamomile one is to lose your head. You can even sleep in the 5 renovated rooms. If you want to take a ride go tomorrow, Sunday 29 September because all day the farm is open and lives in educational workshops (cheese, bread, homemade pasta, construction of scarecrow) and makes a good show of itself, all the animals, the handling and the hard work of those who make it so special. Maybe you see it during the day and you tell me how it is!

Cascina Selva – Azienda Agricola e Agrituristica

20080 – Ozzero (MI)

Tel. +39 02 9407039

Menu a scelta 20€ o 28€ adulti; 10€ bambini fino a 10 anni

Monica G. and her joys of charm

There is an innate grace in Monica G and once you know it you would like to steal it; She wears it, smells it, it shines and moves with her. She chose the right trade, fashion & jewel designer by chance, indeed by nature, by intuition. And of course she only draws what you dream of and can not find anywhere. That taste easy chic, a little retro, that cut that enhances, that piece that gives just that touch there, whispered pieces, never ostentatious, special that recognise in its sunny and Milanese chic character, contaminated by a curious and ready to let go traveler’s life. In this moment the beautiful Trilly in pink gold fly, they rest on rings where semi-hard stones shine in essential and faint frames or on the beautiful pendants so chic in their romantic simplicity, a starlet with a small shining here, a thin chain that becomes a heart there. And much more, much more in the charming boutique open in a hidden corner of Milan, where you go for her and for her delicious creations, but above all incredibly possible.

Monica G

Via Brisa 15, Milano

MAROTIN, a bistrot with a happy heart

It will be for that Parisian bistrot, those battered walls that can only smell good, for the iron furnishings and the small tables where you can not stand close … but instead of being intellectually chic and a bit ‘crudely sulky’ to me these guys from Marotin were immediately were super nice, with that heat from the neighbourhood bar of those who do their job with joy, enthusiasm and passion. It’s all good, very good! At breakfast or for a morning snack, it is the realm of sweets and pastry croissants made by them, delicious cakes presented on altars as if they were jewels …. a show to taste with the scent of fresh coffee surrounded by glass jars of homemade cookies. But also at lunchtime you will not be disappointed, compose your beautiful porcelain plate with homemade pies, fish, well-cooked meat and a riot of stuffy vegetables. We will try to resist but a slice of cake at the end, you will not manage to not eat it, divide it, or take it away.

Via Archimede, 59 – angolo Via Mameli
20129 Milano

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