When I entered Capra e Cavoli I had the airy feeling of being outdoors, the festive feeling of being on vacation and the cozy feeling of being at home. Here relaxation is a serious matter! And if you are relaxed you are ready to taste, savor and make your own a wise and healthy combination of truly unique, delicious and balanced dishes. Barbara Clementina Ferrario is the soul and the chef, you see her spinning around the tables with confidence and joy, as a landlady would do. When you enter the large apartment you are enveloped in a fairy atmosphere and country chic created by plants, tables in raw wood, chairs covered with different floral and square fabrics, umbrellas open with lights hanging … almost always summer, as if it were always a party here. The choice is endless because you can go for lunch, come to dinner or for an aperitif, enjoy a long and rich brunch or bring everything home.

I came for lunch and tried one of the fantastic 4, unique balanced dishes. My choice was vegetarian with eggplant rolls stuffed with vegetables, black rice and ginger carrots with salted tofu mousse with teriyaki. Wonderful, the food blended on the palate, letting every flavour explode. But they also have proposals of meat and fish. And who knows for dinner and who knows how to have an aperitif? Among all, however, I dream of brunch, I know that they organise a rich buffet, who knows the wonder of homemade cakes sitting between umbrellas and flowers for a perfect Sunday morning.

Capre e Cavoli

Via Pastrengo 18

Quartiere Isola





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