Stew of super plastic vegetable? Tired of seeing that the apple comes from China? I discovered Kalulu. Choose the products that interest you, made only by small local producers, available in the area of Milan that is most convenient: Kalulu tells you the offers closest to you, a true Km0, organic and biodynamic. At this point you just have to wait for the day of delivery, go to the agreed place and collect the goods directly from the hands of the manufacturer. And so today, on time at 11.15 as promised, he was there with his van. I picked up my box of fresh and fragrant organic fruit and vegetables and an organic nut in a jar that is crazy. The 8kg box cost € 20.00 and was full of very good things. It’s true there are those who deliver to your home but they force you to subscribe, while with Kalulu you are the one who decides from time to time if the offers you need are there or not.



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