Imagine a gloomy weekend in Milan on a dusty Sunday evening that still smells like summer. Belly decision, we go out!, but away, out in the green (typically Milanese expression …) and while the city moves away, guided by the navigator (typical Milanese object in the green), here is an unexpected surprise material: Cascina Selva in Ozzano . I do not know if it was just the sunset and the good smell of the countryside but the view was magical. Meadows everywhere, smells that knew of real things, of figs, of rosemary, of hay. The farmhouse was illuminated and the warmth of the evening made it possible to look around sitting in the gravel-covered yard with flower pots and wistful leaves, with chairs protected by a large fig, the inevitable five-a-side football and running dogs chasing a football match, improvised among children of all ages (including ours). We had dinner with a cheerful face inside the renovated old barn, with the beams, the old stove, the tools hung next to the old photos on the exposed bricks. The environment is obvious, the Nobu addicted abstain, but the menu was a delight, with delicacies at Km 0 (which means: I will not move from here anymore) that had real flavours, tidy and attentive presentations but above all they were served with a broad smile, with that abundance ready even for an encore. Fried dumplings with salami of all cuts, cheeses made for them with green tomato jam and hay, perfect risotto with local herbs and cheese, roast mushrooms with tiny new potatoes to eat with their peel and finally a riot of chocolate cake cakes, almond and pear cake, mini apple strudel, all fruit grown there (and blessed here). And finally home-made liqueurs, the chamomile one is to lose your head. You can even sleep in the 5 renovated rooms. If you want to take a ride go tomorrow, Sunday 29 September because all day the farm is open and lives in educational workshops (cheese, bread, homemade pasta, construction of scarecrow) and makes a good show of itself, all the animals, the handling and the hard work of those who make it so special. Maybe you see it during the day and you tell me how it is!

Cascina Selva – Azienda Agricola e Agrituristica

20080 – Ozzero (MI)

Tel. +39 02 9407039

Menu a scelta 20€ o 28€ adulti; 10€ bambini fino a 10 anni

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